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Bakker Westwoud

Bakker Westwoud is a family company that was founded by AJ Bakker in the nineteen-sixties. Initially located in Zwaag, the company only focused on growing and forcing tulips at the time. Brothers Gerrit and Jos took over the company in 1994 and the company moved to Westwoud in the year 2000, establishing a medium-sized forcer and nursery. The company has been MPS certified since that date, which means we register and record everything related to things that can be potentially environmentally harmful, such as crop protection, fertilizer, gas, electricity and water.

15 million tulips are currently being prepared and planted. The tulips are forced to flower in semi-flowing water, using an Agrifirm bin. Final forcing and preparation of the tulips for auction takes place at three locations. They are then sold at the FloraHolland locations in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Westland in the period from 15th December to 15th April. Around 20 ha tulips are grown in South Flevoland on slightly heavier soil, resulting in an excellent forcing quality.

The company expanded in 2006 with the cultivation of cut peonies, divided between 1700 square metres in greenhouses and 1 ha outdoors. These flowers are sold in Aalsmeer between 1st May and 1st July.

Bakker Westwoud offers a limited range, selected based on a combination of good growing and forcing characteristics. Because we have a limited number of cultivars, it is easier for us to supply larger, uniform batches for longer periods of time to the three FloraHolland sites. This way, we hope to familiarise our customers with our product.


MPS Quality is a chain-wide quality care system with industry-specific requirements for floriculture. MPS Quality allows the grower to guarantee the reliability of the product information and the services provided

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